Garage Door Automation

The automation of your garage door allows you ease of access.

Garage Door Automation

At EJ’s we supply, service and maintain your automated garage needs. The automation of your garage door allows you ease of access and  The garage door is powered by a motor and controlled remotely or via a switch on a wall. High quality, reliable well known Centurion garage motors are installed.

Having an automated garage has many benefits, including:

  • Time saving.
  • An automated garage door allows for much convenience, ease, benefit and most importantly safety and security.
  • With the prevalence of crime in South Africa having an automated garage door is imperative in increasing safety as it would deter potential burglars as the time that you would take to
    exit your vehicle and obtain your possessions and enter your home would be decreased significantly.
  • Control of whom enters/exits the garage.
  • Effective method for access for those who are physically impaired, the elderly, children.
  • Easy access for the whole family remotely especially to those who are prone to frequently leaving keys at home.
  • Increase of property value and the feeling of privacy.
  • Decrease in potential physical injury from opening and closing a heavy door manually.
  • Non-automated garage doors springs have risk of breaking as a garage door is very frequently used.

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