Fire Detection

Fire alarms being an investment for home and business owners as an early warning, low cost and potentially lifesaving security addition.

What is a Fire Detection System

A fire alarm is also known as a smoke alarm and a smoke detector. It is basically a device that emits a signal, whether it is a siren, horn or buzzer, as an alert that a fire has started. Advantages of fire alarms include an early warning benefit, low cost and the opportunity to place the device in chosen locations.

Advantages of a Fire Detection System

Having fire alarm systems installed has its obvious advantages. People are protected, even while they sleep, if a fire should occur. A fire alarm will alert any and all individuals that a fire or the beginnings of a fire have been detected, and people can safely leave the premises before losing life or limb. Yet, there are other unseen and commonly unknown advantages to having a quality fire alarm system installed in a building or home.

Some insurance companies will offer reduced rates for building and/or homeowner’s insurance if the proper fire alarm systems are installed. In fact, many building and homeowners can receive up to 20 percent off of their regular insurance rates if they install a fire alarm system. Thus, fire alarms not only save lives, they can save property owners a significant amount of cash on a yearly basis. Finally, over a period of time, the amount of money saved on insurance will eventually pay off the investment in a fire alarm system.

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