About Us


EJ’S Security is a family owned business with family based principles. We aim to work professionally always striving to service all our clients security needs. As a small family business EJ’S Security is driven to growing our business nationally to compete with the best the security industry has to offer.


EJ’S Security’s mission is to ensure continuous improvement in our quality of work. Every aspect of our work is analysed and assessed ensuring improvements are made where necessary. EJ’S Security has a reputation that is unmatched in terms of reliability. EJ’S Security’s commitment is to ensure that our client’s needs are effectively and efficiently dealt with. We aim at doing everything on time the first time. As security professionals and practitioners we guarantee a high level of trust both from within our team and towards our clients.


EJ’S Security has a range of dedicated teams on the road so each client receives quick and an effective service. Each vehicle is fitted with two way radios, tools and equipment which ensures problems and security concerns are dealt with as a priority.


EJ’S Security is proud of our planning and levels of interaction. EJ’S Security is dedicated to ensuring that daily all calls are scheduled, coordinated and controlled giving our clients the piece of mind that EJ’S Security is committed to an exceptional service.

EJ’S Security staff are hand picked and only those with a proven track record and a desire to serve are employed into our family. We vigorously go through our staff selection and are proud to say that we employ only the best the industry has to offer. All staff have a wide and deep understanding and knowledge of EJ’S Security systems, products and work processes. All staff have specific product training covering all our products and services.

In this day and age security is big business and while our Law Enforcement agencies struggle to secure the needs of the man in the street we at EJ’S Security like to believe we assist and aid them in this very important task.


EJ’S Security ensures that all cabling, wiring and connections are installed and completed to the clients satisfaction and beyond. We ensure that all teams work neatly always cleaning up after work is completed. Clients are guaranteed that our Lead technicians ensure all work areas and installations are left clean neat and to client satisfaction.


EJ’S Security products and workmanship is guaranteed to a period of 1 year.