Welcome to EJ’s Security Services

EJ’S Security was established in the year 1999 in response to a severe shortage of reliable and trustworthy security practitioners in the security industry of South Africa. EJ’S Security has since grown into a medium sized company with independent teams that covers a large spectrum of electronic security services. We service the greater part of the Western Cape.

EJ’S Security has extensive experience in:

  • Retail Security
  • Commercial Security
  • Industrial Security
  • Rural Security

Each area as listed above has its own unique set of requirements but all with one common goal which is to strive for a safer environment in which to live and do business.

EJ’S Security believes in making South Africa a safer place for business and the population alike. We believe in the right to safety for all.

EJ’S Security has positioned itself as a leader in security related solutions. We offer the widest range of security solutions from small, medium to large installations.

For a FREE and competitive Needs Analysis of your security needs, please contact one of our consultants for assistance and assurance.